FPC split 3-3 on vote for next Milwaukee police chief

NOW: FPC split 3-3 on vote for next Milwaukee police chief

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- The Milwaukee Fire and Police Commission did not come to a consensus on the city's new police chief Thursday night, Dec. 3.

After meeting in a closed session followed by an open meeting, the commission voted 3-3 in a tie between Malik Aziz and Hoyt Mahaley.

After the tie vote, the Milwaukee Fire and Police Commission deferred the selection of a new police chief to Dec 10.

“You’re welcome to talk to the candidates," FPC Chair Nelson Soler said. "Go out and find any additional information you want to get from them.

Portland Police Bureau Deputy Chief Chris Davis was the third finalist, but received no votes. 

Mahaley is the acting unit chief for the Insider Threat Division for the FBI, according to his resume on LinkedIn. He's also served as the supervisory special agent for the human intelligence, public sector, and community outreach squad. He's also worked for the Milwaukee Police Department.

Mahaley said in a statement to CBS 58, "I'm grateful that I've made it this far, and still excited about the possibility of serving as Chief of Police. I believe commissioners are doing what they feel is best for the citizens of Milwaukee. I trust the process and welcome the opportunity to address any questions that the commissioners may have."

Aziz serves as the deputy chief for the Dallas Police Department. According to an online resume, he's served in several police executive, command and supervision roles.

Former FPC member Frank Gimbel said the lack of a decision is not a surprise.

“The Fire and Police Commission has time and time again proved to the people of the city of Milwaukee that it’s a dysfunctional group,” Gimbel said.

Gimbel is currently suing the city over the demotion of former Police Chief Alfonso Morales. He is confident the Milwaukee Circuit Court will decide Morales was improperly demoted, and he will be reinstated.

“This is a pretty sad situation because I think those folks who are looking to replace chief Morales are in for a sad, sad awakening after the decision comes down in our case,” Gimbel said.

The tie was only possible because of a commissioner resigning in October, citing FPC dysfunction.

Common Council President Cavalier Johnson said in a statement “Tonight’s tie vote should also make clear what the common council has been advocating for all along, that the FPC board of commissioners should be reach its full legislative capacity."

Acting Police Chief Michael Brunson's term runs through Dec 23.

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