Foxconn still working on contract with Wisconsin, recruiting workers anyway

NOW: Foxconn still working on contract with Wisconsin, recruiting workers anyway

Less than a month after Foxconn recruiters met with Marquette students, they came back for job interviews.

"It's so important for Marquette and really all institutions of higher education to help fill that talent pipeline for Foxconn and for all these other great companies we see sprouting up around Wisconsin," Marquette spokesperson Chris Jenkins said.

Before Foxconn can come, they need to reach an agreement with state government. State Sen. Tim Carpenter, D-Milwaukee, is one of 11 who will vote on the deal,

He says the governors office hasn't shared the contract, so right now, he's voting no.

"If I can't explain my vote, or if there's something in there, things that are in there that are bad, I don't want to buy the farm," Carpenter said. "Because if you vote for something, you've got to be able to stand up and defend it."

The Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation says the complexity of the deal has pushed the contract back from the initial September deadline, and they want to do their due diligence to protect taxpayers. Carpenter says the delay is not a concern.

"Taking our time and getting it right is important. That's the bottom line. And I don't think it will affect some of the Foxconn folks. They're already doing some of the basic work."

He is concerned about getting more protection if Foxconn doesn't deliver on jobs.

"Once you sign that contract, it's over with. There's no way to pull out of it, or we're exposed to a huge amount of taxpayer money being potentially lost."

Carpenter said he expects to be the only one of 11 board members to vote against the deal. The vote is now expected on Nov. 8.

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