Foxconn hoping to use self-driving trucks to move freight along I-94

NOW: Foxconn hoping to use self-driving trucks to move freight along I-94


Self-driving cars and trucks could be coming to Southeast Wisconsin faster than you might think.

The Wisconsin DOT says Foxconn officials have reached out to them with plans to use autonomous cars, trucks, and shuttles at their $10B factory in Racine County.

    “It’s very exciting stuff, “ says Regional Director Brett Wallace. “The technology is moving very fast, and the DOT wants to be a part of that.”

Self-driving vehicles are already being tested on American roads, with many expecting them to be mainstream within a couple of years.

While autonomous shuttles have already proven to be effective in moving people around campuses, Foxconn hopes to take things a step further. 

Wallace says Foxconn has expressed interest in using autonomous vehicles not only for people, but for freight.

    “We’re in early discussions with them about their ideas both on the freight side on the interstate, but also the notion of either shuttling people in and out of the sight in autonomous shuttles, or creating a campus approach to autonomous vehicle technology.”

    “There’s a lot going on in the industry, and so I-94 is a great opportunity for Wisconsin to be ready, whether it’s testing and demonstration, or accepting those vehicles.”

Hundreds of people in Racine County attended a meeting Thursday night, getting their first look at $250M+ worth of traffic projects scheduled in and around the Foxconn plant.

The DOT is planning to expand and upgrade 5 major roads, and build a brand new road through the property.

    “Things are going to look quite different in 3 years,” says Wallace.


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