Foxconn begins vertical construction in Mt. Pleasant

NOW: Foxconn begins vertical construction in Mt. Pleasant


The very first building panels went up on the Foxconn construction site in Mt. Pleasant Wednesday.

On Thursday Gilbane Building company held a press conference with local leaders about the significance of the milestone.

“It was just less, I believe, than a year ago when we actually announced this site,," Racine County Executive Jonathon Delagrave said. "Look how far we’ve come. Today is just one of those milestones that we want to celebrate.”

Until Wednesday, the four months of construction work was spent prepping the land. The multipurpose building will be made  up of 120 35 foot panels, which will be one of the smaller buildings on the site.

To give you and idea of how large this first multi-purpose building will be - it will be made up of 120 of these panels.
Crews tell me that’s actually on the smaller side of the buildings that will go up on campus.

Gilbane says the project has remained on schedule since they started work. They plan to finish the multipurpose building by the end on 2018, and start work on the larger manufacturing building by April of 2019.

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