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Fourth of July brings uptick in emergency phone calls, First responders urging citizens to be safe

While man Americans are enjoying a day off, emergency responders are on the job. On days like the Fourth of July, they are especially busy.

The calls of emergency responders more than double on holidays, and the Fourth of July is no exception.

"You get adrenaline rushes throughout the day but then you have the down time to kind of recover and mentally prepare for the next call," said Paramedic David Mikec.

Mikec has worked in the industry for the past 8 years, responding to a number of calls at various times on any given day.

"We do work long hours in this field but it comes back to serving people and helping our community," said Mikec.

Holidays are no exception. Mikec says the Fourth of July tends to be one of the busiest days for emergency responders. Naturally, summer days with nice weather tend to have more people out and about.

"We get a lot of respiratory distress calls, heat exhaustion, intoxication, unfortunately, we get our fair share of assault and battery calls."

Some advice that the team passed along was staying hydrated and keeping cool under the shade. 

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