Four people extracted after stolen car crashes in Milwaukee

NOW: Four people extracted after stolen car crashes in Milwaukee

MILWAUKEE, Wis. (CBS 58) -- Four people had to be cut out of a stolen vehicle Monday after it took off from police and crashed.

Wauwatosa Police got a call about a suspicious vehicle suspicious vehicle on N. 64th St. and North Ave. The stolen car crashed just blocks away on N. 55th St. and North Ave.

"You just saw all these vehicles. You saw the cop cars, you saw the amublance and the fire trucks. they were everywhere," said Synell Simmons.

Simmons saw the stolen car crash. She was working at the Family Dollar across the street when she heard the commotion.

"I'm watching trying to figure out what exactly is going on, and I see the police coming right behind him," said Simmons.

Police say they attempted to pull over the car in Wauwatosa, but it took off. Police didn't chase after the stolen car, but they were close behind when it crashed just about 10 blocks away in Milwaukee.

"I saw one of the guys get out of the other vehicle... they couldn't get to him because they had to cut him out of the car, and they put him on a stretcher," said Simmons. The stolen car hit another vehicle and a parked car.

"We come outside and I see my wife's car -- trunk popped open, everything's messed up," said Darrel Spivey.

The parked car that was hit is Spivey's. He says the people that crashed ruined his new year.

"I'm mad. This is coming out of my pocket. This is coming out of my pocket. I've got to pay too much money for this -- her bumper, the trunk," said Spivey.

After four younger people were extracated from the stolen car, they were taken to the hospital. Police say the person in the other car should be okay.

Wauwatosa Police will refer charges for the people in the stolen car.

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