Four Milwaukee teens accused of beating and robbing man

MILWAUKEE -- Four students at Milwaukee's Bradley Tech High School are facing criminal charges after allegedly beating and robbing a man on Milwaukee's east side.

According to the criminal complaint, Dontarrion Brown, Latrell Katherine, Martis Shanks and Justin Goodwin walked around Milwaukee's east side looking to beat and rob someone on November 1st. Brown told police that all four boys knew they were out to use physical force to get someone to give up their property.

Brown says he needed money, because he owed his brother $1,200 he borrowed to buy his truck. Brown told investigators he works part-time at Pick 'n' Save, but only works weekend because of his involvement in high school basketball.

Goodwin allegedly pointed out a man riding a skateboard. The victim says one of the boys came from between two cars to push him off his skateboard. The four boys began chasing the man, and allegedly began beating him once they caught up with him. The victim says he yelled for the boys to stop so he could give them everything.

The victim alleges the boys took everything he offered except his cell phone. The boys allegedly stole $80 from the victim's wallet. Milwaukee police found the four boys walking in the area, and recovered $73 from one of the boys. Police say the boy holding the money admitted to beating and robbing a man to obtain it.

If convicted of robbery, all four boys could face up to15 years in prison.



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