Four local nonprofit leaders honored during Hispanic Heritage Month

NOW: Four local nonprofit leaders honored during Hispanic Heritage Month

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Four local nonprofit leaders are being honored during this Hispanic Heritage Month.

The Latino Chamber of Commerce of Southeastern Wisconsin made the announcement this week.

The group recognized their professional and civic contributions while also highlighting their involvement in the community and how they've made a meaningful impact on the community throughout the year.

The executive director at Layton Boulevard West Neighbors, Brianna Sas-Pérez, explained why she decided to work for a nonprofit.

"The field of community development and thinking about how does the build environment shape our lives and opportunities was something that I just learned about later and had the opportunity to come to Milwaukee through the Americorp program because I thought this was something interesting to me. I had worked in an immigration office and engineering firm and I was like I think this is what I want to be doing with my life."

The organization also recognized Tammy L. Rivera, interim executive director of the Southside Organizing Committee, German Novella of Grace Lutheran Church and Johanna Jimenez of the Urban Economic Development Association.

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