Former police officer found guilty of misconduct

MILWAUKEE -- A former Milwaukee police officer has been found guilty of misconduct after he slammed the head of a handcuffed man into the wall of a booking room.

Rodney Lloyd is facing a possible sentence of three and a half years in prison for felony misconduct.

Surveillance video taken in the District 2 booking room last June shows Lloyd leading a suspect to a bench. 

The man was handcuffed in the front because one of his arms was in a sling due to an unrelated injury.

Lloyd told investigators that the man was resisting, so he had to use his strength to restrain him.

The video shows what the criminal complaint describes as Lloyd \"forcibly driving\" the man's head into a concrete block wall.

A loud bang, believed to be the prisoner's head hitting the wall, is heard on the tape. 

Lloyd took the stand in his own defense Tuesday and said he felt threatened by the suspect and had no intentions of hurting him.

Lloyd is appealing his termination from the Milwaukee Police Department.  

Sentencing has been scheduled for May 9, 2014.

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