Forget the cup of Joe -- it's 'National Hot Tea Month'

NOW: Forget the cup of Joe -- it’s ’National Hot Tea Month’


MEQUON, Wis. (CBS 58) -- January is the occasion when tea time makes perfect sense since it’s also National Hot Tea Month.

CBS58’s Michael Schlesinger spent a little time on Wednesday at Spice Tea Exchange in Mequon -- located at 1412 West Mequon Road -- to learn the benefits of drinking this particular beverage, including for digestion, mental agility, and immunity and metabolism boosters. Even though there’s caffeine in it like coffee, it’s not to the extent.

Spice Tea Exchange in Mequon

The tea experts advise using tea leaves instead of bags for better effectiveness. Also herbal teas are the only one if its kind without tea leaves and will be completely decaffeinated.

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