Forget about "Bump N' Grind." It's belly dancing at Cudahy's YIM Shore Shore Center

NOW: Forget about “Bump N’ Grind.“ It’s belly dancing at Cudahy’s YIM Shore Shore Center

Cudahy (CBS 58)--Belly dancing can be a big boost to both your confidence and core muscles all at the same time.  Right now, a course on this ancient Arabian dance is being offered at the YIM South Shore Center in Cudahy.  This art showcases various movements of the torso, stressing a real concentration of what parts of the body you're moving.   And while it might look rather easy to the untrained eye, the experts say there's a real workout behind what you're doing.

The hour long belly dance classes last an hour, starting at 5:30 each Tuesday evening through February 19.  If you're interested in learning this style of dancing, just click here.  

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