Footage from Dominique Heaggan-Brown's Body Camera Viewed in Court

NOW: Footage from Dominique Heaggan-Brown’s Body Camera Viewed in Court


Jurors watched Wednesday morning as Dominique Heaggan-Brown's body camera footage was played in court for the first time. 

It comes more than 10 months after the shooting of Sylville Smith sparked unrest in Milwaukee. 

Portions of the video also have audio, which show Heaggan-Brown yelling at Smith to "Stop reaching, stop reaching" after the second shot is fired. 

By the time the second shot was fired, Smith was laying on his back and unarmed. Heaggan-Brown is facing homicide charges specifically for the second shot. The defense plans on arguing he was acting in self defense, and was unaware if Smith had a second gun on him. 

The jury was also given a transcript of the audio from the body camera. 

"I just fired shots. Uh, he's down right now. I just got stung by a bee as well." 

The transcript shows Heaggan-Brown was unsure if he had been shot following that bee sting. 

Heaggan-Brown: "It happened so quick. I didn't know. I just felt my arm was hot. I'm like - "

Tetzlaff: "Like you mighta got shot?"

Heaggan Brown: "Yeah."

Heaggan Brown later describes the moments leading up to the shooting. 

"The guy get outta the driver's side and he got a gun and just started running. But actually he looked like a known dude that fled from us plenty of times before, possibly." 

The state spent much of the day calling witnesses to the stand. There was a lengthy delay in the afternoon, as a juror had to be dismissed due to an unknown conflict. The jury is now down to 14 jurors, 12 who will count, and 2 alternates. 

Day 5 of the trial continues Friday morning. 

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