Fond du Lac man found guilty for attempted kidnapping from Thanksgiving incident

Fond du Lac County District Attorney Eric J. Toney announced that a jury has convicted Juan Arriaga of Attempted Kidnapping, Intimidation of a Victim, False Imprisonment, Battery, and Disorderly Conduct for his attack on a 22-year-old woman Thanksgiving morning, 2016.

The jury deliberated for approximately 90 minutes.

This situation could have ended much differently if not for the proactive policing by the City of Waupun Police Department. The officer initially observed Arriaga following the victim within approximately ten feet of her while on Main Street in the City of Waupun. The officer then saw Arriaga run away from the area. The officer later observed Arriaga appearing to be hugging the victim and observed the victim fall to the ground. The officer decided to make contact to ensure the victim was safe. The victim testified during the jury trial that while she was on the ground Arriaga put his hand to her head mimicking a firearm. As the officer began to approach he observed Arriaga directing the victim in the opposite direction that that she had been walking.

As the victim saw the officer approaching she heard Arriaga say “shhh” which was an apparent effort to dissuade the victim from contacting the officer. Arriaga never said anything else to the victim. The victim made a courageous decision and yanked her purse from the defendant and ran towards the officer’s squad car. It was later learned that the Arriaga’s residence was approximately one block from where the attack occurred and in the direction Arriaga was forcing towards.

As the officer approached the victim he observed the victim run towards his squad car yelling that Arriaga had knocked her down and was trying to “take” her. Arriaga then took off running and the officer pursued Arriaga. Arriaga was located hiding near a church and officers took Arriaga into custody while having a taser directed at Arriaga.

During an interview the following day, through the assistance of an interpreter, Arriaga told law enforcement that he saw the victim walking while he was at his house. Arriaga stated that he punched the victim and that he had been drinking alcohol and was lonely.

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