Florida residents planning their Hurricane Irma evacuation as supplies dwindle

NOW: Florida residents planning their Hurricane Irma evacuation as supplies dwindle

Supplies like bottled water are already dwindling in some areas of southern Florida. Many people are already evacuating.

After seeing so much news coverage of Hurricane Harvey affecting Houston, some of these families say they're on very high alert - but making plans to evacuate is still a difficult process.

Jonathan Erxleben is making plans at his home in Fort Myers Beach. He says he is originally from Green Bay.

"I was actually on my way home from Orlando last night which is about a three hour drive to where I live. I had to stop off at a Wal-Mart. Well they were already out of water," Erxleben said.

"You know, today I've already put up my hurricane shutters or at least half of it. My own personal feelings is that because of Houston I am more prepared than I probably would have been in years past," Erxleben said.

This is the off-season for traveling to Florida. Jenny Cagle, Vice President of Elm Grove Travel, says less tourists will need to make emergency plans - but there's still a big ripple effect.

"So a lot of people have been calling today because obviously it's been in the news," Cagle said.

"Right now the flights out of Florida for people who are there are pretty heavily booked. And so for people who are already in destination, it's pretty important that they get a jump start and end that trip sooner rather than later," Cagle said.

Most flights to out of Fort Myers to Milwaukee are either sold-out or prohibitively expensive. Erxleben says that he is planning on evacuating by car on Wednesday with his Kids.

"They're seven and four. They know what's coming but I don't think they have quite an idea. It's a first for me as well. I don't really have an experience to tell them. I just try not to freak them out, that's all," Cagle said.

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