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Update: High school football player injured in game continues to improve

SOMERS, Wis. (CBS 58) -- A local student athlete is in the hospital after a football injury.

It happened during a junior varsity game at Shoreland Lutheran High School in the town of Somers.

Shoreland Lutheran’s president says that a player on defense from Martin Luther tried to make a tackle and suffered a neck injury. 

It happened during the middle of the third quarter and officials decided to end the game right then. Flight for Life was called to the scene. Trainers believe it was a neck or head injury. The young man was taken to Children’s Hospital.

“Always hard feelings when a young man gets hurt and certainly we pray he's OK and praying we get word either later tonight or tomorrow that the injury wasn't as bad as it was thought to be at the time,” says Shoreland Lutheran High School President Paul Scriver.

As far as the player's condition, we're told he initially did not have feeling in his extremities, however feeling has returned and an MRI was performed. He is still in the hospital. 


KENOSHA COUNTY, Wis. (CBS 58) -- Flight for Life responded to a football injury at Shoreland Lutheran High School Monday evening.

A junior varsity game was being held at the school against Martin Luther High School.

According to Shoreland Lutheran's president, about the middle of the third quarter, a young man on defense from Martin Luther made an attempt to tackle on a runner and got injured.

He was told by the trainers that it was a neck injury or head injury and the young man was taken to children's hospital. The victim was conscious when he left.

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