Flash Flood Warning

7PM UPDATE: A Flash Flood Warning is in place until 8:45PM this evening for parts of Milwaukee and Waukesha counties. Additionally, Kenosha and Racine counties have been added until 9PM. Over two inches of rain has fallen in a short amount of time and flash flooding is either occurring or can be expected. Many reports of flooded roads, some impassable, have come into the weather office.

Heavy rain is subsiding and eventually we'll see conditions dry out overnight. That should ease flooding concerns. At this time the National Weather Service has started to chop off our western tier counties from the Flood Watch as rain has ended there. While the overall pattern will see rain ease in intensity, there could still be some flood issues the next hour or so.

Do not drive across a water covered road!! As little as six inches of water can knock over and carry away an adult and just twelve inches can float a small vehicle. We will continue to update you with any additional storm information as it unfolds.

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