Five-year-old Kenosha girl run over by van dies

RACINE -- A five-year-old Kenosha girl died in Racine after being run over twice be a van. The girl was standing behind a van before it started backing out of the driveway.

Racine police say their officers responded to the 3400 block of First Ave. on July 26, 2014. A 16-year-old boy was backing his family's van out of the driveway. The girl was struck by the passenger side corner of the van, and run over by the rear passenger wheel.

The 16-year-old boy had no idea he hit anything until he heard people yelling and shouting. The boy then pulled the van forward in the driveway running the child over a second time.

The child was conscious when officers arrived, but died at local hospital. 

Police say all indications point to this being an accident, and the steep pitch of the driveway made it possible for the teen to not see the child behind the van.

Racine police say their investigation into this incident is \"ongoing\".

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