Fishing store 'Reinke Bros.' reeling from pandemic -- it's closing for good soon

NOW: Fishing store ’Reinke Bros.’ reeling from pandemic -- it’s closing for good soon

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- The current pandemic has left a terrible stench in the air for one local fishing store. Reinke Bros., on Milwaukee's south side off West Greenfield Avenue, has been selling components for making lures since 1949. The business was deemed non essential when Covid-19 hit here in March. It just re-opened up last week, but the owner says too much time has passed to recover financially.

Bob Reinke says running his operation is rather work-intensive, and he doesn't want to sell it to anyone else.

The store hours are limited, mainly Friday through Sunday during the day. You're asked to wear masks inside, and they're only limiting four customers at a time. Again, the owner of Reinke Brothers says he expects all his inventory to be gone by November 1.

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