First warmer than average days in November ready to arrive

Everyone knows that November in Wisconsin has been cold. We are in the midst of a streak of below-average temperatures that stretches back before Halloween. As of Monday, we've had 22 straight days below-average for highs. The coldest during this stretch was 19* which is the earliest instance of a teen for a high temp on record. According to the National Weather Service, it is the third coldest start to November on record.

But, there is some hope in sight! Temperatures over the next 48 hours will warm to the warmest temps of the month. After a couple days of highs hovering around 40* which is about 5* below-average, the high is expected to get just barely above-average on Wednesday with a high of 45* and then continue the climb to 50* on Thursday. Thursday would be just our second time this month making it into the 50s, but the first time was when the average high was still in the middle 50s. 

Unfortunately, the "warmth" doesn't last and high temps quickly go back just below-average into the middle 30s Friday and around 40* this weekend. The long term outlook for temps around Thanksgiving and the beginning of December is for equal chances for both above as well as below-average temps. The high that time of year is around 40* so expect highs close to that.

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