First Snow Possible Tonight...

We are coming up on the one year anniversary of our first snow of 2015!  The snow blanketed southeastern Wisconsin on November 20th and November 21st.  

Eighteen inches of snow was reported in Beloit, 17 inches near Footville in western Rock County, 16 inches in Monroe in Green County and 13 inches in Darlington in Lafayette County as well as Newark in southwest Rock County.  The immediate Madison and Milwaukee areas both received snowfall mostly in the 4 to 7 inch range.

Light snow is expected overnight tonight.  Most of the snow will be flurries; however, if we can get a band of moderate snow, there's a chance for a quick dusting across the grassy surfaces.

The bigger story are the wind chills.  We will wake up to wind chills in the teens with gusts over 40 mph!  Chills throughout the afternoon will only feel like the 20s, so bundle up as you brave the weather for your Saturday.

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