First 40's On The Way

We just got through a crummy weekend! It was cool, cloudy and at times, wet. Now we're enjoying some sun and temperatures are looking mild most of the week. We have to navigate through some showers during this time, but in the wake is when you'll really notice some changes in the weather. As it looks now, the upcoming weekend is looking sub par, but in a different way than the one we just went through. We'll have more sun, but anticipate cool temperatures. And the overnight temps will be chilly, especially inland.  So what exactly is chilly for this time of the year?

Here's today's almanac:

As you can see, 40s are not out of the norm. In fact, the average low in Milwaukee has been in the 40s since September 29th. we just haven't been that cool yet, not in Milwaukee. But other inland spots have already felt more of the 40s, including today's morning lows. Check it out:

Looking back in the books, it appears the last time Milwaukee fell to the 40s was June 8th with a low of 49°. Once the showers pass through our area late this week, we'll feel a cold push of air and likely see a four month streak of temps greater than forty degrees come to an end. One major forecast model has upper air temps falling to the freezing mark on Saturday. Another major model isn't quite as cold. But when you factor in a few other elements, it looks pretty certain that 40s are likely, even for our lakeside spots by Saturday morning. Sunday and Monday morning also look to feature temperatures starting out in the 40s. The good news is that conditions don't look frosty and by Monday afternoon we're back in the middle 60s with sun. Lows will return to the 50s next week with most days getting into the mid range 60s, which still runs close to normal for this time of the year.

I'm meteorologist Rebecca Schuld

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