Firefighters Working in Extreme Cold Temperatures

Because heating sources are cranked up the deep freeze increases the risk of fire and creates problems for those working to put out fires.   

There are several challenges firefighters face is in the cold weather.

Trying to stay dry, and dealing with slow or broken equipment that doesn't function as well when the temperatures dip are two of the biggest challenges.

Around 8:30 Wednesday morning, firefighters were out working hard in this cold fighting a small fire at the 36th and pierce.

No one was hurt in that fire, but the challenges for the firefighters were still there.

Icy sidewalks make it slippery when laying down hoses or rushing into a home.

Spraying water can be challenging, firefighters have to try their best to avoid getting wet when the temperatures dip this low.

Deputy Chief Terry Lintonen tells me in the winter time, he dispatches more resources to every single call he gets so there are more hands on deck, and backup equipment ready to go.

"If were responding to a structure fire we send an additional engine if we're going to an ems run, we'll dispatch a private ambulance…the reason for that is so that we can get any patience we may have into a warmer environment,” said Deputy Chief Terry Lintonen.

There are things we can do at home to help firefighters like digging out fire hydrants after a big snow and making sure your sidewalks are clear in case of an emergency.

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