"Firearms should not be taken lightly:" Hunters react to no hunting age requirement

NOW: “Firearms should not be taken lightly:“ Hunters react to no hunting age requirement

WISCONSIN (CBS 58) -- Gun deer hunting season starts this weekend. Under a new law, kids of any age can go hunting with a mentor.

For John Hanold, hunting is a family tradition but despite the new law one family member might have to sit this season out.

"That is my grandson who can't wait to hunt. He is in second grade and he will wait a little longer but not as long as I thought," said John Hanold, General Manager McMiller Sports Center. 

The new law means his grandson could go. 

Gov. Scott Walker has signed a bill that allows kids at any age to participate in a mentored hunt with more than one weapon and they had to be within arms reach. The law had previously required a child to be at least 10-years-old to participate in a mentored hunt.

Experts say if you plan on taking kids hunting this season, make sure they have the right equipment and that it is properly locked away. 

"I would caution parents to do right by their new hunters so match the gun to ability and to the size," said Hanold. 

Wisconsin becomes the 35th states to have no minimum hunting age. 

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