Fire and Police Commission deciding whether to reinstate sergeant's rank

NOW: Fire and Police Commission deciding whether to reinstate sergeant’s rank

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- A Milwaukee Police sergeant could learn if his rank will be reinstated after he was demoted. 

The Fire and Police Commission is deciding if Mark Kubicek acted inappropriately after a high-speed chase and traffic stop. 

Milwaukee Police officials say Kubicek broke several codes of conduct on March 10, 2018, during a high-risk traffic stop following a police pursuit.

The woman told police she was suicidal and was sex trafficked. Milwaukee police say Kubicek broke the code of conduct by calling off the other officers from the scene, walking in front of the woman's running car, and getting in the vehicle to talk with her. 

Both actions, officials say are dangerous. They also say he did not arrest her, despite the fact that she committed a felony by leading police on a chase. They say he also broke procedure by not reporting that the woman claimed to be a victim of sex trafficking. 

Kubicek's attorney says he acted properly, but a Milwaukee Police Sergeant testified saying he made several mistakes that day. 

"Our job as law enforcement officers is to preserve evidence. She was evidence. She was a victim of a crime of felony, menacing crime that's plaguing society today. It was his obligation to hold on to her until sensitive crimes was able to talk to her," Sgt. Thomas Hines with the Milwaukee Police Department said. 

"Sergeant Kubicek was caring about the person in the vehicle. Was de-escalating the manner and to send more additional resources to the scene such as a tactical enforcement unit or whoever, they planned on sending would have only escalated the manner and made manners worse," Kubicek's attorney William Rettko said. 

Authorities say the next month after the stop happened, the woman was allegedly killed by her pimp. The Commission has not yet made a decision on Kubicek's rank. 

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