Finance Committee holds Foxconn Hearing

NOW: Finance Committee holds Foxconn Hearing

RACINE, WI (CBS 58) - The deal to bring Foxconn to Wisconsin is now in the hands of the State Senate.

There was a public hearing held Tuesday but the public had to wait for their chance to weigh in.

The Finance Committee held their meeting in Racine County because it's one of two areas in the running for the Foxconn facility.

During the first 2.5 hours of the hearing, legislators grilled members of the governor's administration about the deal. The DOA secretary told members of the committee that about 90% of the jobs are expected to go to people in Wisconsin. Democrats are calling for more guarantees when it comes to transportation to the facility and job training.

Sen. Lena Taylor questioned whether or not Milwaukee workers will be able to benefit and asked if Foxconn would have diversity requirements in hiring.

"Diversity should be a concern since our unemployment rate is epic, crisis state in Wisconsin," said State Sen. Lena Taylor.

Several officials from Kenosha and Racine got up to express their support for the deal. 

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