'Fill this trailer': Local brothers collecting donations to bring to Texas

’Fill this trailer’: Local brothers collecting donations to bring to Texas

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Two local brothers are collecting supplies to drive down to Texas after the state was devastated by a winter storm.

The two men are hoping to fill a semi-truck with food, water and other items that will be driven to Austin, Texas next week.

“The goal is to completely fill this trailer,” Franklin Pizarro said. “We are dedicated to our community and now the other community needs our help, so we get involved. It touches our hearts, so we have to respond.”

Pizarro said they are partnering with the Workers Defense Project which helps immigrant workers in Texas.

On Wednesday morning, one man showed up with a car full of donations.

“I just needed to do this, we all need to do something like this to help,” George Banda said.

Banda donated 32 cases of water. He said he has loved ones in Texas.

“I do have friends and I do have family so I know what they’re going through,” he said. “I’m in contact with them through texts and the phone and yes, they’re hurting.”

Another woman, who also has loved ones in Texas, walked 40 blocks to drop off items.

"We know they are okay, but for many days, almost five days, I didn't know anything about them," Julia Cevilla said. 

Donations can be dropped off at the El Conquistador Latino Newspaper parking lot at 4531 W. Forest Home Avenue.

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