Figuring out Halloween costumes shouldn't be scary, Goodwill can help

NOW: Figuring out Halloween costumes shouldn’t be scary, Goodwill can help

WEST ALLIS, Wis. (CBS 58) -- Only seven more spooky days to figure out what you'll be for Halloween.  (Actually many of us have parties this weekend.)  One popular shop every year is Goodwill.  This store is known for its cost-effective and creative finds for kids of all ages.  Trendy to terrifying.  Those with the organization say new items are stocked everyday, so the supplies are practically endless.  And while we have fun on our mind, it's also important to remember the mission of this non-profit.

Goodwill also has help online in terms of coming up with Halloween ideas for costumes and decor.  Just click here for further assistance.

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