Field Sobriety Tests will Be Performed on Local Lakes this Weekend

If you take your boat out on the water this weekend expect company and they'll be watching you during Operation Dry Water. 

This is a national event spearheaded by the coast guard, but Milwaukee Police, the Milwaukee County Sheriff and the DNR will all be pitching in this weekend.

Boaters can expect to be stopped at random this weekend and expect field sobriety tests.

If they are operating while intoxicated and they can expect stiff penalties.

The limit is 0.8.

If we board you and you're above it, you can be subjected to fines, you can lose your driver's license, you can even have your boat impounded

The coast guard is also warning people about the temperature of Lake Michigan while it may be hot outside the coast guard says the water temperature is about 64-degrees.

It can cause hypothermia if someone stays too long in the water.

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