Fibromyalgia patient discovers new talent after diagnosis

WATERTOWN-Local songwriter Lisa Adrian is opening up about her long battle with fibromyalgia.

An often misunderstood but painful disorder, Adrian found a way to still explore her love and passion for music although not in the way she originally planned.

She's out with a new CD and hopes to inspire others facing adversity.

She spoke recently with CBS 58's Michele McCormack and we've attached the entire interview that recently appeared on our public affairs show \"Eye to Eye.\"

Here's a list of how you can see and hear Adrian's music:

December 24th Watertown Church, 106 E. Madison Street

January 25th  adoption benefit at Kettle Moraine High School, 349. North Oak Drive, Wales

Her music is also available at:

Elmbrook Church Bookstore, 777 S. Barker, Brookfield

White House of Music in Watertown

and Tate Publishing

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