Few Different Seasons in This Forecast

I guess the theme of this forecast is don't get used to one weather pattern.  We have a lot of changes coming, starting Tuesday.  First things first, we can look forward to some mild air in place through at least Tuesday morning.  We're talking about highs in the 40s.  However, there's a weather trade-off here.  We get warmer and wetter. In fact, rain will move in by late Monday night and last through mid-morning Tuesday.  Then it becomes more showery.

With enough cold air in place, there could be some freezing rain near the Dells.  But this should really be a rain event for most of us.  A few tenths of an inch could fall.

Then the other story will be colder air funneling into the region, starting Tuesday evening.  Highs Wednesday and Thursday will only be in the low 20s.  The wind machine will stay strong, bringing down the wind chill numbers to near zero degrees in some places. So find the winter apparel once again for the middle of the week.

Of course temperatures will modify again by the weekend with highs in the 30s, and we also have the risk for more wintry mix by Saturday evening.

To keep track of all the weather changes, make sure to download the free CBS58 weather app.  You can send us photos via the app.  If you do so, you could qualify to win a free CBS58 weather mug.  We're giving them away during the CBS58 Morning News starting next Monday.

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