Festa Italiana announces cancellation of 2022 festival due to impact of Covid-19

NOW: Festa Italiana announces cancellation of 2022 festival due to impact of Covid-19

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- The Italian Community Center Board of Directors announced Friday that after careful consideration, Festa Italiana 2022 will not be held in July at Henry Maier Festival Park. 

The directors cited circumstances associated with Covid-19 and its impact on the organization during the past few years. 

“COVID-19 has impacted virtually every business and industry across the country, said Rose Anne Fritchie, president of the Italian Community Center and Festa director. “Unfortunately, Festa Italiana in Milwaukee is among the festivals that has to adapt after the economic impact of the past two years.”

Fritchie noted both the physical health of members and the financial health of the organization, saying:

“The social impact of holding Festa Italiana is near and dear to our hearts and brings with it a stronger bond between the Italian Community Center and the City of Milwaukee. We have always been proud to be the oldest of the ethnic festivals in Milwaukee.  However, we are at a point in time where we must think of not only the physical health of our members, but also the financial health of our organization when planning events.
The Italian Community Center would like to thank the many volunteers and attendees who make it possible to hold such a prestigious festival every year. Stay tuned for more information about what the Italian Community Center has planned for celebrating Italian culture and heritage in 2022.”

In a statement Friday, Milwaukee World Festival, Inc. said: 

"Festa Italiana provided our community an important celebration of Italian culture for 41 years, featuring beautiful music, delicious food and magical firework displays. MWF is grateful to the leadership and volunteers of the Italian Community Center as well as the festival vendors, sponsors, and fans over the decades. Of course, Festa Italiana is welcome at Henry Maier Festival Park in the future."
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