FBI now investigating fatal shooting of Dontre Hamilton by a Milwaukee Police Officer

The FBI is now investigating the deadly shooting of Dontre Hamilton, 31, by a Milwaukee Police Officer.

The Hamilton family attorney tells CBS 58 News that this is the third investigation the District Attorney's Office has ordered.

September 30th marked five months since Hamilton was killed after police received complaint calls about him sleeping in Red Arrow Park.

Two officers talked with Hamilton on two occasions before explaining to nearby coffee workers that he was doing nothing wrong.

A third officer then came back alone, and at least one witness claims there was some kind of verbal altercation.

Police say there was a struggle and that Hamilton struck the officer with the officer's baton.

Hamilton's family says he suffered 15 gunshot wounds. They say half of them were inflicted when Hamilton was on the ground.

The officer's name and the details of reports, medical or otherwise, have still not been made public.

The family is seeking criminal charges against the officer.

District Attorney John Chisolm says the FBI will be focusing on the issue of use of force.

\"What I'm doing is having someone completely independent of the State of Wisconsin take a look at it,\" Chisolm said Wednesday. \"A national expert that will review the use of force and render an opinion, one way or another. Because that's a critical issue involved in this is the the use of force and was it privileged and was it justified.\"

Chisolm went on to say he hopes a decision will come soon.

Hamilton's family says they're frustrated by how long it's taking.

Hamilton did have prior contacts with law enforcement.

His family said he suffered from paranoia.

The shooting was followed by a call for more officers to be trained on how to deal with the mentally ill.

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