Father given probation for forcing child to walk home from school

HAWAII -- A Hawaii father was fined and sentenced to probation after making his son walk a mile home from schools as a form of discipline. 

Robert Demond told KHON he arrived at his eight-year-old son's school to find him in timeout. When he asked his son what happened the boy responded, \"I don't know.\" several times. Demond says he told his son he needs to take responsibility for his actions. Demond pulled over the car and told his son to walk home and think about what he'd done.

Judge Kathleen Watanabe calls Demond's disciplinary style \"old school\". In addition to fines and probation Demond will have to take child parenting classes.

Demond who says this kind of punishment was common when he was a child has agreed to handle similar situations like this differently in the future.

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