Fans try to beat the heat as second weekend of Summerfest begins

NOW: Fans try to beat the heat as second weekend of Summerfest begins

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Music, food and heat. That's all fair game for Summerfest 2022.

With temperatures surpassing 90 degrees today, on June 30, on the festival ground -- emergency crews were on stand by.

Hot is putting it nicely. Let's call it a summeriest sizzle.

The sun had a front row ticket to the entire show -- but people in attendance today say they are trying their best to stay cool.

Here we are again -- round two of Summerfest.

Moving to the beat, with the sun as the spotlight.

"We are just going to live and enjoy, that's why we are here," said Jill Schlager, visiting from Illinois.

Festival-goer Jill Schlager is taking a moment to beat the heat.

"Soaking in the mist, having a good time," she said.

Patrick Hays is from Event Medical Solutions -- a third party brought in by Summerfest to help manage potential victims of the heat.

"You're going to have people passing out," said Hays. "We plan on being very busy today."

That busy day started well before 3:00 p.m. this afternoon.

"We've had ten heat-related calls," said Hays.

Looking to fight the heat, a misting station with over 95 gallons of water was set up to give fans a fighting chance.

"Nice added touch, a little reprieve from the heat," said Schlager. "I'll take it where I can get it."

Hays says in these extreme temperatures, fans need to listen to their bodies.

"Take a break, maybe slow down a bit on the drinking," said Hays. "You know, drink water, every beer have a water."

Hays tells CBS 58 that today, they have had close to 20 heat-related calls -- and as the breeze picks up through the evening, those calls are expected to slow.

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