Fans react to Packers trading up, drafting QB Jordan Love in first round

NOW: Fans react to Packers trading up, drafting QB Jordan Love in first round

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Once the pick was in, Green Bay Packers fans rushed to voice their opinion on selecting Utah State quarterback Jordan Love in the first round.

“The picks were grossly irresponsible, considering the needs that you have,” said a caller on the Bill Michaels Show on 105.7 The Fan.

“I immediately just kind of screamed at the tv, like, no, that’s not what I wanted,” Packers fan Jonathan Barker said.

Love it or hate it, the choice caught the sport’s worlds attention.

“I haven’t been this, i guess, surprised by a Packers draft pick in quite a while," WFAW Radio Sports Director Sean Maloney said. "And i think this is definitely the biggest surprise of the entire nfl draft in the first round, not just from a packers perspective.”

ESPN's Adam Schefter pointed out Friday is the 15 year anniversary of the packers drafting Aaron Rodgers late in the first round.

Some fans hope they found their franchise quarterback in Love just like they did with Rodgers.

“Kid seems like he’s got a cannon," Packers fan Jacob Bullis said. "He’s going to learn from the best quarterback in the league. Gotta love it.”

One packers shareholder says it could be more of a win now move than people think.

“It's nice to hopefully have a backup quarterback that could keep the ship afloat during the season instead of our team plummeting,” Packers shareholder Colin Nitz said.

But he worries this is eerily similar to an ugly quarterback breakup from the team’s past.

“We hope this doesn’t lead to another Brett Favre type breakup with the organization," Nitz said. "That was tough enough to deal with the first time. We hope we don’t have to go through that again.”

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