Fans React to New Food Choices at Miller Park This Season

MILWAUKEE - We spent the afternoon with fans trying out what's new at Miller Park this year.

It's tough to go to a baseball game in Wisconsin and not think about a beer or brat but fans have the option this year for America's favorite or something gourmet. Miller Park stepped it up this year with plenty of new options!

Earlier this week, CBS 58's Kate Chappel and Julie Parise got to taste all of the goodies at Miller Park but we wanted to know what fans thought.

The food and drink selections at Miller Park underwent multi-million dollar renovations. There are 11 new concession stands and 3 new bars. Of course, there's brats, cheese curds, and Wisconsin dairy custard but AJ Bombers has burgers, J Agave's has tacos. There's even a mac and cheese with toppings like chorizo and pico de gallo.

We caught up with fans taking their first bite. \"Mmm, it's the best, come and get it. Miller Park! It is good like a brandy old fashioned. Yeah, it does taste good.\"

There's also new drink selections. They have 24 local beers but also wine and brandy old fashioned flowing from the tap.

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