Fans react to Larry Sanders claiming racism after barfight

MILWAUKEE -- Bucks center Larry Sanders now says it was racism that led police to cite him for his involvement in a recent barfight.  And he says it's a factor in the way the media has reported on that incident.  Sanders took to Instagram Thursday morning to say:

\"I blame myself for my mistakes...I take full responisbility for my actions...This is something I've dealt with my whole life...From being the black male being followed around the store, to being the black male being helped around the store...

People are hypnotized by the media to feel and base certain judgements toward certain groups.\"

We asked some basketball fans about the perception that racism might be involved here.

\"When you're in the spotlight, you just have to you know, make better choices in what you do,\" Anthony Bowie said.   \"Sometimes when you're young you make mistakes. I wouldn't necessarily call it a race issue but I will call it a young man issue.\"   

\"No, basically he got in trouble and that basically was it,\" James Taylor said.  \"It shouldn't be labeled as nothing else but him getting in trouble. We all get in trouble and do things that we regret.\"

Sanders remains sidelined with an injury from the barfight.  The Bucks have the worst record in the NBA as of Thursday.


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