Fans have mixed reaction to Rodgers staying with Green Bay Packers

NOW: Fans have mixed reaction to Rodgers staying with Green Bay Packers

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Fans all over are reacting to the news that Aaron Rodgers will be back in gold and green this coming season.

While some fans are excited to know Rodgers will be in the wheelhouse, others that called in to 1250AM The FAN after the news broke Tuesday morning said after last season, Rodgers doesn't deserve this much thought being put into him.

"I couldn't watch [Rodgers'] Pat McAfee interview, I heard about it, and he was hunky-dory smiling after a historic playoff loss like that -- why should we fans care?" said one caller named David.

"I think it's pretty split," said 1250AM The FAN Host Steve 'Sparky' Fifer. "Some fans are upset that he's here going forward, they wanted him traded, they didn't want him taking up a ton of the salary cap. Then there are the other fans that want as big of a window as possible to try and win a Super Bowl."

Fifer, along with Green Bay pro-football Hall of Famer LeRoy Butler, broke it down.

Butler said all the back and forth might be what has people thinking about a future beyond Aaron Rodgers.

"I think the problem is the longer you wait, it gives people a chance to really pull it back and say okay..." said Butler.

Caller David said they don't want a repeat of what happened last year.

"Unless details come out where it's cap friendly, and he shows through actions, not words, that he's a Green Bay Packer and he's about winning Super Bowl championships, then I'm against this," said David.

Most fans seemed to agree that Rodgers has the ability to get the team to the Super Bowl again.

"Just for some reason, he can't find a way to get the job done," said caller Tom.

"People are just happy the drama is done, either side -- whether they want Rodgers or don't want Rodgers, people are just sick of talking about it day in, day out, and having the same conversations with their friends, their family members, sports talk radio, so now that this is done, we can move on," said Fifer.

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