Fans enjoy bonus home game at Miller Park

NOW: Fans enjoy bonus home game at Miller Park

Miller Park was supposed to be dark Friday, September 15 but 23,000 fans got to enjoy a bonus home game. The series against the Miami Marlins was moved to Milwaukee after hurricane Irma hit Florida.

After the Marlin’s stadium was damaged by the hurricane, the team decided to move the game.

“It’s going to be great,” says Dan Laska, Brewer fan.

“The advantage is to the Brewers this weekend,” says Rockie Tirabassi, Brewer fan.

Juliana Tirabassi is a Kenosha native. She attends Barry University in Miami and was forced to evacuate because of the hurricane.
“I had to find tickets and a flight home,” explains Juliana. “It was a long three hour layover.”

But she’s making the best of it, she says. Juliana bought one of the limited tickets sold to tonight’s game. She says she’s grateful knowing her home team will be donating funds to the hurricane relief efforts.

“It feels great knowing everyone is coming out and realizing that all these people are hurting in these situations and they’re willing to give,” says Juliana.

The sudden change in locations brought staffing challenges, limiting ticket sales to 23,000 fans. That’s about half the amount of a regular game.

But fans say it’s a challenge worth overcoming.

They feel this home series will play to their advantage.
“Smaller crowds but a lot at stake,” says Laska. “It’s almost playoff atmosphere, pitch by pitch.”

“They’re chasing the Cubs, and trying to stay even with the Cardinals,” says Tirabassi. “And the wild card with Arizona and Colorado.”

The stadium had two scheduled events, a wedding and a bat mitzvah, that are being accommodated to different parts of the stadium. They will go on as planned along with the series.

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