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Fans and players evacuate Erins Hills because of severe weather

After a sunny day, fans and players were evacuated just before 7:00 p.m. because of severe weather.

It's apart of the safety protocol, officials use leader boards to communicate with fans about dangerous conditions. 

"Once we hit a weather warning, that is when we're going to suspend play," said Eric Steimer, Championship Manager. 

Volunteers said most of the people on the course had already left before the rain and wind approached.

 "I heard the horn sound twice and I was notified players and officials were evacuated just before 7. Straight after the horn sounded there was a lot of rain on the media center and it sounded like it was going to blow off its roof," said Evin Priest. 

Steimer said there are evacuation sites set up for players and fans. Shuttles were also available to get visitors back to their cars.

"Safety is first and foremost the most important part of this championship for us, " said Steimer. 

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