Fans and crews prep for Pro-soccer match at Miller Park

Soccer fans in Wisconsin are looking forward to the friendly match between Club Atlas y Newcastle United F.C. on Tuesday (July 14). There were some fans that waited until the day of the game to buy their tickets. Keisha Kochanowski, who’s from Bayview, said she’s looking forward to it.

\"You're going to feel the goose bumps, the hair is going to rise on top of your neck, we're going to be screaming on top of our lungs the whole time,\" Kochanowski said.

For the second time ever a pro-soccer match comes to Miller Park.

\"Friends and family everywhere are going to be all into it,” Kochanowski said. “It's going to be a great vibe.\"

Another soccer fan Lauro Bonilla said, \"We are always going to support the team along as its Mexican, I'm going to bring my Mexican shirt.\"

The ground keeping crew worked on last minute things Monday morning. The transformation from a baseball field to a soccer field took three days and a lot of man power.

\"Impressive, the amount of work from my staff, outside subcontractor, a lot of people within the organization,” said Michael Boettcher, Miller Park grounds director. “It's incredible that we are able to do this.\"

Both teams Club atlas and Newcastle United FC have been practicing for this friendly match and Boettcher said the field is ready for them.

\"I feel very strongly that the surface is in great shape and will be suitable for the players for a great soccer match,\" he said.

There is a movement to bring a professional soccer team to Milwaukee and Kochanowski said this game proves there’s a fan in the area.

\"It's always awesome having professional teams in Milwaukee,” she said. “We don't have a professional team here yet.\"

The match starts at 8 p.m. and the first 10,000 people get free scarves.

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