Family's home burns down and is surprised with a new home on Christmas

A Milwaukee family's home burned to the ground less than a week before Christmas. Today the community banned together to surprise the family with a new home, and it was virtually free.

"It's the kind of story that reminds you of the kindness in others. This family was able to get the home for one dollar and also got 20-thousand dollars in renovations.  Most of all it was an amazing scene to see the love of the community and everyone coming together."

On this Christmas, Santa's elves came in the form of friends, family, city officials, and housing counselor Coretta Herring.

Herring says, "It's so awesome, very nice, this all happened in the last 72 hours."

They're all waiting for Dakeela Burkes to come unwrap her present, the place she'll soon call home.

Burkes says, "She did everything she needed to do to clean up her credit and buy a city owned property and it burned to the ground."

Burkes lost her home, six days before Christmas in a fire. But today tears of loss, were replaced with joy. 

Burkes was in the ACTS Housing rent-to-own program. She was months away from her purchase when it burned down. Now Burkes' four children have a new place to rest. 

Dakeela Burkes says, "I can't express it. I worked so hard, and to see everything taken away from you, and then to see everyone come together to help, it's wonderful."

Once inside the Burkes' and her kids had trouble fighting back tears. 

It's the Christmas story this family won't soon forget.

"It's wonderful, it's great, it's big and I love it."

The family can't move in just yet. They have to renovate a few things in the home before they can move their things in. 

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