Family speaks out after 6-year-old was shot from outside her house, remains in critical condition

NOW: Family speaks out after 6-year-old was shot from outside her house, remains in critical condition

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Bullets flew into a north side home last weekend, striking a 6-year-old girl as she slept on a couch next to her father. Tonight, Ke'yari Redding remains in critical condition, and there are questions about whether she'll ever walk again.

CBS 58 spoke with Ke'yari's great grandmother, who says the home was filled with children when someone outside took aim. That someone knew the family well, he's actually Ke'yari's uncle.

Desperate moments in this duplex at 49th and Meinecke Sunday when a father asleep on the couch next to his 6-year-old daughter realizes someone shooting outside is aiming at his house, then he sees she's been shot.

"He kept telling her to look at him," said Mary Franklin, Ke'yari's great grandmother.

The criminal complaint details how police could hear screaming inside the residence, then saw Ke'yari's father, Deonte Redding-Harris, holding his girl with blood dripping down her shirt.

"And when her eyes started rolling back in her head, he started breathing for her and that's just, my heart almost fell out of my body," said Franklin.

Mary Franklin was home too, so were two other adults and three children.

"I came out of my bedroom. He's sitting there in the hallway with her and she is limp, I mean no movement, no nothing," said Franklin.

Witnesses tell police they heard 12 gunshots in rapid succession, followed by a single shot, at least half found their way into the home.

"You know I just started screaming and hollering, so I said oh my god, no, no, no, no, you know, I kept saying it," said Franklin.

John Anthony Jackson's sister is the child's mother. He tells police he was "fed up" with the child's father. He's now charged with first-degree reckless injury and first-degree recklessly endangering safety.

"I don't even know how to explain it because I don't understand why. I'm still you know trying to figure out why he did it," said Franklin.

A Facebook post from Ke'yari's mother says her daughter can't feel anything from her belly button down, but she's being brave and strong. She asked for prayers.

A GoFundMe has been created for Ke'yari HERE

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