Family Says Wisconsin Dells Water Park Caused Chemical Burns

CBS 58— A local family is upset, after they say their three little girls sustained chemical burns in a pool at a Wisconsin Dells resort.

Sarah Geiger says her twin 5-year-olds and her 1-year-old still have marks from the spring break trip to Chula Vista Resort over the weekend.

“We were at the water park and my 5-year-old Abigail started complaining that her skin was burning,” Geiger said.

Soon Geiger says she noticed all three of her girls had what appeared to be chemical burns from the pool. The resort sent two security guards and an EMT to their room.

“They told me it looked like burns and hopefully the [burn] cream would help,” Geiger said.

Geiger says her calls to management were not returned, but she was given refund for the room taxes, about $19 dollars.

“We got home and again my kids were just suffering, the burn marks were not going away, they looked painful,” Geiger said.

So again Geiger called the resort.

“I did not get a call back,” Geiger said. “So I posted on social media, our experience.”

The next day she got a call from Chula Vista. In a statement to CBS 58, Patti Fichter, a spokeswoman said, “We have been working very closely with this guest and continue to do so.  Guest safety and comfort is always our number one priority.  We follow all state regulations regarding the operations of our waterparks.”

Geiger says the resort promised to send her an email with information about where to send medical bills. She's still waiting for that email.

“I feel like one of my main reasons for reaching out is so this doesn't happen to another family,” Geiger said.

Geiger adds that she did show pictures of the burns to her pediatrician. The doctor told her it looked like chlorine burns and to bring the kids in if they get worse.

Chula Vista says they have not had any complaints from other guests about the pool.

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