Family of West Allis stabbing victim asking for community's help in finding suspects

NOW: Family of West Allis stabbing victim asking for community’s help in finding suspects

WEST ALLIS, Wis. (CBS 58)-- West Allis police are still searching for two suspects in connection to a deadly Sunday morning stabbing.

A 33-year-old Onalaska man died as a result - he’s been identified as Ryan Sorensen. Sorensen was killed while walking home with his two friends. Now family members and police are speaking out.

The stabbing happened near 71st and Becher just before 2 a.m. Sunday, and police are still looking for a motive.

Ryan Sorensen has strong family ties in the Milwaukee area. His family has owned a neighborhood bar in Greenfield called Gas-Lite West since 1977.

His aunt describes him as the kid who made you laugh.

"He's always going to be the one to make you laugh and always be the one to reach out to you, a real character you know, just full of life," said Sorensen’s aunt, Kate Cervoni.  

Sorensen was visiting family last weekend. He went to the bar and was walking home with two friends when the stabbing happened.

"Horrifying, it is nothing our family could've ever imagined or any family should ever imagine," adds Cervoni.

"Motive isn't theft, isn't robbery,” said Christopher Botsch, Deputy Chief at West Allis Police Dept. “It just appears that it was an altercation that escalated to a point where someone was tragically killed as a result."

Cervoni says Sorensen’s dad knew something bad happened when police showed up at his door.

"You know right away, you think a car accident or something like that,” says Cervoni. “Never do you expect to hear your son has been murdered."

Cervoni says Sorensen did not know the two suspects. Police describe them as a white male and a white female, both between 20 to 30 years old. They were seen on surveillance cameras riding on mountain bikes.

Police ask that people continue to check their surveillance cameras.

"If people could take the time to review them and please share that information with us, there may be images of the individuals in the background in the general area of where this occurred,” adds Botsch.

"We have no idea why these two were out on their bikes, why there was an altercation and what it was really about," said Cervoni.

The family wants the community to be on the lookout.

"Someone has to know them. They have to be in that area,” adds Cervoni.

Cervoni says the family is continuing to hold out hope for justice. They plan on holding a celebration of life for Ryan Sorensen on Friday.

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