Family of man shot dead by police hires lawyer

MILWAUKEE-One week to the day that 31 year Dontre Hamilton was fatally shot during a scuffle with a police officer in Red Arrow Park the family announced that it has retained legal counsel.

\"We don't believe Dontre died as a suspect,\" Hamilton's brother Nathaniel said Wednesday night. \"We believe Dontre died as a victim.\"

At issue for the family is the number of shots. By some accounts anywhere from 6 to 10.

\"It was overkill,\" declared the brother, \"they shot him 8, 9 times, for what? We want to know why.\"

The attorneys now representing the family include Ian Wallach, a trial lawyer from the firm Feldman and Wallach in California, and Jonathan S. Safran, the local attorney who was part of the team that won a settlement from the city over the beating of Frank Jude, Jr. at an off duty police officer party in Bayview.

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