Family of Kelly Dwyer will gather for mass to mark one year since she disappeared

MILWAUKEE- We first heard about Kelly Dwyer as her mother  wallpapered downtown and Milwaukee's east side with pictures of the  27 who went missing October 11, 2013.

Tonight, Dwyer father tells us the family is huddling together with plans to attend mass.

A celebration of Kelly's life as he describes with only those who knew her best.


The family may go public in a couple of weeks when Kris Zocco is in court after child porn was found in his apartment while police looked for clues in Dwyer's missing persons case.

He admits to partying with Kelly the night before she disappeared. That's all.

But cadaver dogs got a hit on his place, his shower curtain was missing and according to police sources, videotape from his apartment doesn't match up to what he said he and Kelly did that night.


Kelly's birthday was just a couple of weeks ago.

When we asked her father for comment he just said he appreciated that the public would be reminded that Kelly was a contributing member of society.

Kris Zocco is not charged in the Dwyer case.


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