Family Members Speak Out about Drowned Infant

A community rocked by the public drowning of a Milwaukee baby gathering in prayer and a show of support.

As difficult as it is to talk about such a crime.

Organizers of a vigil today believe it is a step towards healing.

A makeshift memorial full of balloons, flowers and stuffed animals lay here on a tree to remember the baby, who police say was drowned by his father just a few feet away in a pond.

Now the family is hoping and praying for justice.

Dozens of family and friends gathered where the tragedy happened. It was a moment full of prayer and remembrance.

Alderwoman Chantia Lewis and local domestic violence groups organized the vigil.

The family remember the infant as a quiet, happy baby who was just learning to smile.

They say, all they have now are just 3-months-old worth of memories, and they hope justice is served.

"All we can do is catch each others tears and pray together. Try to live and get past it, just be there and make sure he gets what he got coming to him for doing this,” said Latasha Jackson, the baby's aunt.

The family has gofundme page set up to help with funeral costs and other needs. 

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