Family member wonders what led up to Amber Alert

Jovan Gaines says he got a message Thursday about a missing child in Wisconsin and realized it was his young cousin, DeAngelo Gaines.  Gaines said he woke up to numerous messages about DeAngelo.  Once he realized what was going on, he went to the Wauwatosa Police Department to try and talk to DeAngelo's mother.  Police wouldn't let him speak with her because they were interviewing her.  

"I'm just disturbed at the whole situation," Jovan Gaines said.  "I hope that it's resolved. I'm glad that he's safe. I just pray that this all solves itself. It's all very confusing."

The confusing situation started Thursday morning at the JC Penney in Wauwatosa.  Police got a call about a fight between a man and woman in the parking lot there.  Officers arrived and the male suspect got into a stolen car and got away from police.  The woman later told officers her one-year-old son DeAngelo was in the car.  Wauwatosa Police followed up on leads for a few hours and then decided the Amber Alert was the best option.  Less than an hour after the alert went out, they received information about the case.  They found the boy in a home near 49th & Center Street in Milwaukee.

Jovan Gaines says he's happy his cousin is safe but wonders what exactly happened. He says DeAngelo's mother is a good person.

"She's a wonderful young girl," Gaines said. "Has a job, they just a place, they got their stuff together which is why I don't know why all this is happening. I don't know what transpired, but something bad happened."

Wauwatosa Police are still investigating the incident.

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