Family in SUV pushed into gas pump by driver fleeing police

NOW: Family in SUV pushed into gas pump by driver fleeing police

The video is shocking.

An out of control SUV crashes into a gas pump at the Citgo at 30th and Lisbon in Milwaukee late Sunday night.

Police say it was forced out of control by a man speeding away from police in a Dodge Charger that officers attempted to pull over for suspended registration.

Surveillance video shows nearby customers scrambling to get away from the explosion and flames.

Some took off on foot, others struggled to get into their vehicles and get away.

Then a heart wrenching moment when two children emerge from the fiery wreckage.

The innocent woman behind the wheel also in a struggle to get out.

All three made it with what police describe as minor injuries.

A figure is seen in what appears to be medical scrubs helping the children out of the car. He later states on facebook that three children were inside. He also commented that he was surprised more people didn't try to help.

A stranger also emerges armed with a fire extinguisher.

At first he leans back from the intense heat and flames.

He persists and puts the fire out.

When all the smoke clears, the driver who caused the chain reaction disaster is nowhere to be found.

He even left an injured woman in the car.

Now police are hot on his trail.

They know who they're looking for, a 26 year old man.

When they get him, we'll let you know.

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